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OKI Sunflower 2 Ltr

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OKI Premium Sunflower Oil is produced from the finest quality sunflower seeds.

OKI Premium Sunflower Oil is your healtheir choice cooking oil as it is hight in polyunsaturated fatty acid and has a saturated fat content of less than 11%. It also contains vitamin E, an essntial nutrient which must be supplied in the daily diet. OKI Premium Snflower OIl is an excellent home cooking oil and salad oil with a naturally light colour, clean taste and high smoke point.
Nutrion Information
Servings per package : 143
Serving size: 14g (1 tablespoon)
Energy : 124kcal* per serving. (1 kcal=4.2kJ)
Protein : 0g
Total Fat: 14.0g
Cholesterol : 0mg
Sodium,Dietary fibre: 0g

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Weight 2 kg