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Amul Taaza Milk

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Amul Taaza is Long Life double toned milk. It is fresh and only fresh milk, which has been processed with a technology called UHT (Ultra High Temperature), hence also known as UHT milk. Notwithstanding popular misconception, UHT technology does not involve any use of preservatives. The UHT treatment ensures zero microbial activation, while preserving the maximum flavour, taste, and nutritional value. The aseptic packaging system protects the product from air and light and guarantees a long shelf life of 180 days without refrigeration.

Amul Taaza contains 1.5% fat and 9% SNF minimum and is ideal for tea and coffee whitening and for setting curds. It is also just right for drinking straight from the pack for those who would like to enjoy the taste the goodness of natural while avoiding the hazards of too much fat! Amul Taaza comes in convenient 1 liter, 500ml and 200ml packs.

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