Rugby Sevens will be the next Olympic Games. Chinese provinces and cities began to build a football team squad boom. This lack of soil in China project to try out a new way of professional and professional sports, everything is unknown

Kunshan City Sports Center soccer fields have been replaced with two goal goal football, rugby sevens Chinese national men and women teams are in this camp. After the women's team went to Guangzhou Zengcheng participate in tournament, only 13 players in the men's team is training in the huge stadium.

Wang Addition insist on participating in the team's training varied pace, his left knee serious water has to rest for a day. 'Too hard, otherwise they have to swollen.' Rugby sevens coach Zhang Zhiqiang man shouted that he hoped to keep a good hurt king addition, the team has been hurt can not afford it. Under normal circumstances, the team must have 18 players, in order to smoothly carry out against the practice. November 1, the team left for Singapore to attend the Rugby World Cup Sevens qualifiers to compete next year in Moscow World Cup tickets, this is the last World Cup in 2016, rugby sevens will become an Olympic sport.

'still in the preliminary stages of the national team.'

sprint after passing 13 times the audience practice, the players were surrounded by rings. 'We squeezed each other, hit a bump, some collective ideas.' Coach Zhang Zhiqiang this project unique way to mobilize the people's emotions. Some young players are transferred from item to athletics, or touch football not long ago, this seemingly subtle game has the effect of exercise.

Wang Addition dared join collision ten minutes of training, he was afraid the injury worse. 28-year-old weighing 105 kg of king bonus is the most physically strong team, the oldest, was to rely on his race in Singapore stable morale. As the staff enough, customizable college football jerseys he had served as an assistant coach in peacetime national team.

and other items lively national team training camp is different from training on the sidelines when the team is no media, fans. Sidelines placed jerseys, shoes, opening a vat of pure water, if not a jar of imported protein powder on it, people will support community-delusion is a package of games the team today.

24-year-old Liu Kuan-chun has just become a captain, six months ago, he was just the national team bench, but compared to the other three of the four teams playing rugby team less than a year, Liu Kuan-chun has been considered a veteran.

'now able to represent the national team to participate in an international high-level competition on a dozen people, the Beijing team, the Shandong team has players injured, the PLA team members for special reasons not to do a visa, there are seven main players are not coming. 'Coach Zhang Zhiqiang reluctantly,' China News Weekly 'said,' Now we say that the national team, in name only, these players can only be considered second-tier team. personnel neat play qualifiers no problem, but now half of the team. strive to lay of it. '


9 months to play the first leg of the Asian series race in Malaysia, the Chinese team is played by a group of young players, took third. The second stood Shanghai, People's Liberation Army team can play, coupled with the Japanese team yet to come, took second place. India stood third in mid-October, the young players' collective power '7:31 lost to Malaysia. Based on small points, the Chinese team ranked fourth in Asia for the first time missed the first leg of the World Series held in Hong Kong next year.

'You know Liu Xiang, the bench press, custom authentic college football jerseys squat how much it?'

'How much ......'


relax, coach and players talking. After that strength training indicators Liu Xiang, the players customized football jerseys have expressed convinced.

football team is one of the most intense combat sport. 'In the first four in Asia (mainland) Chinese young players is the leanest muscle dimensions, minimum thickness, are worse than in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Strength Index, even mid-level English clubs are not up.' Coach Zhang Zhiqiang, 'China News Weekly' said, 'Our team teens began to touch the ball, no way, time into technical training. playing when I was in England ,19-22-year-old players, eight hours a day practicing power , the power of that age is just a long time. '

because Cafeteria occupied, dinner dish to supply. 'Eat, eat, you have not I eat more, eat how long the meat.' Zhiqiang kept nagging. To make the team stronger together, Zhang Zhiqiang encourage players to eat snacks, supper, but blindly eating does not solve the problem, the team has been unable to provide full-time fitness trainer, strength training is all the experience and knowledge by coach abroad.

'I'm eating and sleeping the whole tube, power tube full fitness technology. team still in its infancy in terms of management and operation from a professional or amateur few.' coach Zhang Zhiqiang, 'China News Weekly' said, 'the foreign football team coaching staff are more than a dozen individuals. This is a new field, now targeted research also slightly less. want to prepare for the Olympics, I can fully staffed. '

very talented players Han Xiaolong half injury four times, and now can custom made college football jerseys not participate in combat training too. In the evening, he and many players like to find their own ice, bubble bath, with physiotherapy, the national women's team to go along with the only doctor in Guangzhou Zengcheng game, after the game the team went to Singapore, this doctor was seconded from the Beijing team The.

'engage in college the first time, a small central leadership think we should catch the ball.'

coach Wang Zhiqiang length plus 10-year-old Zhang Zhiqiang these players are retired, some are still king of the addition of these players battle, interrupted occur between generations players.

ten Futsal football tradition in Europe, Australia prevailed for entry into the Olympics after modifying the rules of the game, branched rugby sevens. China's first football team in 1990 at the Beijing Agricultural University (now the China Agricultural University) was founded, was the first head coach Zheng Hongjun, and has been in office since.

At that time, did not carry out a professional football team, Zheng Hongjun first batch of players selected from the Agricultural University students in the summer of 1992 began to recruit high school students into the Special Agricultural play football, where enrollment is fixed in Zibo. The second half of 1992, Zheng Hongjun accident in Shandong Province School Games gradebook found Zhiqiang. After personally testing, Zheng Hongjun Zhang Zhiqiang told that the test had 280 points, since you can CAU. Eventually, Zhang Zhiqiang 282 points to obtain Agricultural Department of Animal Husbandry, specially recruited for the same period 11 people in this department, the Department can not choose. One week after the end of the college entrance examination, Zhang Zhiqiang was transferred Agricultural training.

Most of the custom college jerseys football time

Agricultural University football team has four or five people at the same training, half of the players have the strength to participate in the race. The school also focuses on the promotion of the sport, then on through the CAU students do not do not know football.

at CAU, led by two or three years, there are more than a dozen colleges and universities to carry out Beijing rugby. At first, Taiwanese companies will sponsor the team, contact the game, China's foreign teams will travel to play the exchange game. But football and the State Sports General Administration project has nothing to do, but there is contact and Collegiate Athletic Association, Football Association branch is located roughly at CAU.

'engage in college the first time, a small central leadership felt it should catch the ball, international organizations have come in contact with us, there is hope and the Chinese Olympic Committee affiliation, the Chinese Football Association is established.' former National Sports Deputy Director of the General Administration of ball sports management center, vice-chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Cui Zhiqiang, 'China News Weekly' said, 'to CAU, upper body, mainly on behalf of the Guangzhou Military Institute of the three participating countries.'

1997-1998, China has joined the International Rugby Federation, the Asian Football Confederation. In 1997, the college football team and the national sports authorities have started the 'Contact', in November, the first Chinese national team competition abroad. Beginning in 1998, Zhang Zhiqiang concurrently Sevens rugby captain and ten Futsal until 2008.

but before 2009, none of the MCA Chinese Football Association registration, the national team, not a national team in the series. 'That was the best performance of the decade when. But we have always been black households, would not join the competition results books, athletes grades can not comment.' A retired football national team, 'China News Weekly' said, 'This year Championship leaders said playing for so many years, always give you admit that you participate in a contest, to you (athletes) rating, we make up for it, anyway, very awkward. '

Since there has been no systematic

domestic competitions, spend relatively large, combined with the injured students to engage rugby events, some schools began to shrink investment in football. Agricultural considered one of the team has always insisted several schools, the school began for the team $ 2 million a year, later increased to 40 million yuan, is now $ 600,000.

because it is not the Olympic Games and National Games project, funded mainly by foreign rugby team sponsor, project assistance, grants ball sports management center of rugby is very little compared to other items, $ 20 per person a day of national team Training subsidies unchanged for many years.

'In fact, do not enter the Olympic Games, the project may not be difficult to develop, what people care is the guiding ideology of the project and some not for Olympic Games projects, such as model aircraft, orienteering have made a good research project is the development of the law of the most important . 'former deputy director of ball sports management center of the State Sports General Administration, deputy chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Cui Zhiqiang,' China News Weekly 'said,' I advocate the promotion of football in college and the armed forces, I think it makes sense for young people, be brave , team cooperation consciousness. want to push a lot of ways, but it is not easy. '

'right of center is only recommended, not required where certain how'

2009 年 7 October Rugby determine the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Domestic local football team began to build spurt.

decades, the focus is the local sports bureau Games, an Olympic event will be located in the Games, for the local team, the equivalent of the Olympic Games strategy Strategy. Who made the 2013 National Games football tournament for the first time in a good performance, can quickly attract talent, establishing provincial team project advantages, even rugby playing their traditional projects.

due before the 2010 Asian Games, Asian Games explicitly ball center to ensure that the national team training camp, the local people after the Games to dig. In accordance with the policies that the ball center, every place men and women each team can only have a maximum of five national team, this is due to make a balanced consideration of the strength of each team.

experienced players, coaches, regardless of the level, before and after the Asian Games are the local teams signing up. Until now, several college football players to carry out a better focus of the local team is still fighting for a school team where the team will be negotiated in the provincial team registration, players place for students 'registration fee' of up to 10 million. and a monthly payment of wages, give the school a training fee. The best domestic rugby player has about 80,000 yuan annual salary, plus bonuses and some players could get up to 120,000 yuan.

the end of August this year, according to the National Rugby Sevens tournament statistics, where the troops there were men and women were 11 teams participating. The provinces of football echelon even more. October 4, 2011, Anhui inaugural youth rugby sevens tournament there in the province 11 cities, 21 teams of men and women to participate. Some local team also invited foreign teachers.

'After entering the Olympics, I think football should explore the development of a special path out my relatively quick to oppose the establishment of a provincial team, the players come from the sports school, this is way past that, if so, the training of personnel, All questions retired athletes in football management, this project will repeat it again. 'He was a small ball of Sports Management Center, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, deputy chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Cui Zhiqiang,' China News Weekly 'said,' I was thinking that, local construction team can build with the university, I got to do from early evening. built a professional team of money into universities, sports and education to build a combination. football is very brains of a project, particularly high transient response, learning to play certainly be helpful, but the place was more concerned about is how to divide the team until at last, or go back to the old, unfortunately. center is only right to make recommendations, not requirements where some how. might have become accustomed to this kind of local management, they How many projects are so came the previous dividend - previous batch of universities to train players, slowly being eaten. '

ZhengGongJun is now the national team head coach, he handed over the men's disciple Zhang Zhiqiang, they have been arranged with the possibility of greater women's team scores a breakthrough in the Beijing team as well. Zheng Hongjun, Zhang Zhiqiang, etc. Agricultural University coaches and players have been seconded to the Beijing team. Agricultural training in accordance with the traditional rugby player, the Beijing team's agricultural college players are asked Monday to Friday at the Agricultural school, training, team training back to Beijing on Saturday and Sunday.

'level is affected, the training is definitely the best professional teams, but can not go to school. no education, athletes thinking, analytical skills are affected, the coach is very strenuous.' Sevens Rugby Men's National Team head coach Zhang Zhiqiang on 'China News Weekly' said.

kick World Cup match, Zheng Hongjun and Zhiqiang will lead the Beijing team to New Zealand zipper month. In the southern hemisphere, and the rugby-developed country, Australia has been the preferred place team zipper, but the national team but currently do not have this condition.

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