In 2002, Beijing has hosted an international Rugby Sevens, and cold compared to April of that year, leaving deserted stadium Chinese head coach Zheng Hongjun impressive. 2003 World Cup final in Sydney, occupying more than half of the stadium almost put England football fans in the stands stamp collapse, it is also deeply blank football jerseys wholesale beams tremor shook ZhengGongJun.

This is just one of the many twenty years shocking.

small workshop on large factory

20 years ago, was born in China Agricultural University, China's first football team. At cheap blank football jerseys that time, the sport has been born rugby 160 years, and was taken to every corner of the five continents through colonization and cultural exchanges in various ways, with fanatical 'fans' in the world.

20 years later, football in China is still not out of the scattered several universities. Chinese Football Association Secretary General Liu Rongyao sitting on the Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament noisy bleachers, wearing only Chinese team sponsors jacket, feeling in the sport in China, 'a small minority.'

'Our national official football practice less than 30 girls, a training team to at least 14, 100 boys will come,' Liu Rongyao said, 'and they are the only contact with the football after 18 years, these are not Do not project a strong seedling. '

in this case, only established after the 2004 Sevens Chinese women's team became the first in Asia for two years. In February this year, the U.S. International Tour races, they defeated the host team third in the world, winning the first tournament title. On March Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, they won the runner-up. Doha Asian Games men's team had won the bronze medal.

'We are a small workshop of large factories,' now in charge of the Chinese women's team head coach Zheng Hongjun football team witnessed the Chinese football scratch lonely journey to study abroad have repeatedly watch him enjoy a huge gap between domestic and foreign .

foreign football fiery atmosphere, especially by young people alike. From children, adolescents to adult amateur, semi-professional, professional clubs, laying the foundation layers. In Asia, Japan carried out earlier, there are hundreds of detachment secondary schools, universities have thousands of detachment, as well as all levels of the professional league. In New Zealand, the richest athletes rugby player. In Wales, a national team jersey signed immediately jumped from 45 pounds to over 1,000 pounds.

'We can hit this present result, sometimes think it is a comfort, but is actually kind of sad,' Zheng Hongjun said.

'into the wholesale blank football jerseys Austrian' opportunities

2009 年 10 9, ZhengGongJun see Nadal's game in the network arena, several students in the school staring webcast. Seven selected for the 2016 Olympic Games Rugby news reached on his cell phone. They did not warm to celebrate, just drink a little wine.

'20 years without a break over the winter and summer, nearly six seven New Year Spring Festival are on the outside before,' tough football coach some moist eyes, 'into the Austrian' Let him feel 'not white hard' because he saw to the sport never had the opportunity.

Liu Rongyao said the 2013 Games have been identified set of male and female rugby sevens project, as a group project, a gold medal in the top two, this is bound to pay attention to the municipalities, and regions, from the Sports School, Sports School, youth Team layers of grasping, then the scope and quality of talent selection team will be significantly improved.

ZhengGongJun said in the past seven national team football no 'birthright', but the National Team, and blank football jerseys for printing is now being incorporated into the same pattern of other Olympic events. On this emerging project, local excitedly, have pledged to increase investment, so the sport distress economic conditions can also be changed.

One thing I must mention, the development of Chinese football is by far the 'combination of education,' the model is the most close to the international trend, but also Chinese sports are trying to model. However, after 'the Olympics', it inevitably will be included in the scope of the nationwide system.

'If we can teach the body and the body of teaching that walking on two legs is the best, but at this stage combination of physical education more beneficial for the development of the project,' Zheng Hongjun said that he was very envious, but also to achieve the vision of Chinese football primary, blank youth football jerseys secondary and university levels mode and club system, but now nothing more than adequately protected, the results achieved as soon as possible is more important.

Ball State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center has indicated, go to concentrate on the elite route, while Chinese women's team at the 2016 Olympics goal is to medal.

'once famous for the world to know,' for there is no tradition of soil movement project, no matter how hot the fire in a foreign country and more to popularize in the country, and even to get attention still needs a resounding name of the first.

need to promote media, 'Pushing Hands'

media attention now almost as popular a sport or not weathervane. Look at the following numbers: 400 Registered Reporter, 250 foreign reporters, more than 30 domestic and foreign TV stations, more than 400 hours of television, 10 countries and regions live broadcast, aired in 139 countries and regions related television programs. Such media coverage can make the most of the project's World Championship dwarfs, but this is only seven rugby World Tour one of the stops.

20 years ago, when China's first football team was established, and the scene is fairly lively, CCTV and Beijing TV station went to interview. But since then, most of them from the hands of farmers reported that college reporter, the reporter domestic competitions rarely visit.

after 'the blank football jerseys Olympics', the situation began to be different. More than five months, there have been eighty-nine media interviews ZhengGongJun, 'Nanfang Dushi Bao' is devoted to plan more than ten thousand words 'White Paper on China football.'

However, in the introduction and promotion of sports, nothing beats television transmission more efficient way of. But the game did not broadcast the current domestic and international competitions are also sporadic.

ZhengGongJun directly expressed hope that a more scientific orientation in television terms. 'American football is only popular in the U.S., UK fifteen man rugby sevens truly international pop, but we now also occasionally seen wearing a domestic 'armor' American (NFL) game,' he said, American Football on the site, equipment requirements, collision more intense, universal values ​​and not British, but driven by commercial interests, it can get live television; and set off a worldwide quadrennial Rugby World Cup fanatic can not get the attention of TV .

status of Chinese football and hockey year, snooker and now it is somewhat similar to curling, ZhengGongJun also been likened to the football team, 'Jinchang Bo,' the difference is that his project has better genes, more civilians soil. However, the nutrients he needs not only an Olympic medal.

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